New Album "Under Reactor" - 9.13.19

ng Sep. 13, 2019


Trask River Redemption has crafted a unique sound rooted in classic folk-country, with high energy electrification. Moulded by tight songwriting, and heavy sprinkles of improvised jamming, Trask River Redemption is a true representation of raw Oregon alt-country.


(From Left): Brian Mejia: Bass - Kyle Blessing: Guitar/Vocals - Tim Holycross: Drums - Josh Smith: Guitar/Vocals

Getting their start as a twangy quartet in 2012, Trask River Redemption has  spread their brand of soulful ballads all over Oregon. Rooted in the songwriting of Josh Smith, TRR cemented themselves as a regional favorite from the start. Since then, the boys have merged a heavy electric influence with their classic folk-country sound. Adding psychedelic twists to their live performances leaves audiences mind-blown, worn out, and thirsting for more.  

Trask River Redemption's 2017 full length debut, Rambler's Lantern, details their rural Oregon roots. Recorded at Huevos Records, surrounded by rushing creeks and thick fir stands, this album encapsulates the essence of rustic Oregon living, from half ass ranching, to countryside pastimes, to drinking heartaches away. Winter 2019 brought a return to Huevos Records, to record a live tracked full-length album, seeking to capture the energy of their epic live performances. "Under Reactor", slated for a September 13th unveiling, brings a heavier handed take on what they’ve been doing for years.  Their single, “No Fair Warning” is available for streaming online now.

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(All DIs & mics supplied by band unless otherwise noted)

Josh Smith (Guitar and Vocal): 1x Vocal mic - Electro-Harmonix N/D967 - 1x Guitar amp mic - Sennheiser e906

Kyle Blessing (Guitar and Vocal): 1x Vocal mic : Sennheiser E945 - 1x Guitar amp mic - Sennheiser e906

Brian Mejia (Bass): 1x DI

Tim Holycross (Drums): 1x kick - 1x snare - 1x overhead - (Specific drum mic information available upon request)